BARBARA LANG 1946-2013

Rest In Peace Barb - We all miss you!

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As you can see, there was always a camera present in my life. That's me with my little sister Diane. My father was an avid photographer and took photos of the family and the fun things we did with his Yashica 2-1/4”. I received my first Brownie box camera at a young age and was hooked on the process of freezing moments in time. The camera always accompanied me and allowed me to be more present while observing the people and places that I visited.

If it wasn’t for photography, I wouldn’t have met my husband Dave, when I asked him for some darkroom advice many years ago. He built our latest darkroom with a wet table which is really a huge 9 foot long sink. We've got a Simon Omega D5-XL enlarger with the Super Chromega Dichroic II Color Head which does negatives up to 4" x 5". We also have a handy 3-lens turret and a Simtron II Color Analyzer .

Dave and I both love to travel and we take lots of photos. Dave's gone digital now, while I do the B+W. I prefer a basic, mechanical camera (Contax G2 with Carl Zeiss lens) as I’m not impressed by the flashy plastic ones that seem to pervade. The only modern feature I use is autofocus which allows me to be more spontaneos than when using one of my 3 Minolta SLRs. I have settled into exploring the subtle and artistic world of black & white photography. I shoot mostly in Kodak Infrared black & white or Tri-X and develop my negatives in my darkroom. I print and handcolor with oils, watercolors and colored pencils, sometimes a combination of all three. I use my imagery in my collage and assemblage work as well. Taking photographs has trained me to look at everything more closely and appreciate the minute details of life. Thanks for the darkroom Dave! Click on the link to the right to see my work. Hand-Colored Black & White Infrared