BARBARA LANG 1946-2013

Rest In Peace Barb - We all miss you!

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Now, this is a fantastic medium that allows me to do almost anything I can dream up. I like to work in the faux techniques and have fooled  people with my faux jade, ivory and turquoise pendants. I also love image transferring onto faux bone & ivory and now enjoy assembling necklaces using all the elements I have created with this amazing material! I have made many wonderful friends through polymer clay as it attracts the sort of person who loves to share their secrets and get together to work on projects. For a few years now I have been invited to join a group of fantastic polymer clay artists who rent a cabin north of Montreal and do polymer clay, eat good food and drink wine 24/7 for a whole week. What a luxury, with a lot of laughs and ideas hatched during this time. I teach polymer clay classes regularly at a local art store in Vermont, and I now have a whole group of students who are really good at it and teach me new things too. Click HERE to see my polymer objects.