BARBARA LANG 1946-2013

Rest In Peace Barb - We all miss you!

       Catspolymer clay,Barbara Lang,hand-colored photography,collage,infrared photography,assemblage
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When I was a kid I was fascinated by cats but my poor mother had a cat thrown on her back as a child and was terrified of them. When my mother died years ago (a sad story
not to be shared here), the first thing Diane, my sister and I did was get a cat. That cat
was our salvation but unfortunately he loved her more than me; I think I smothered him
too much with love, a thing that Iíve learned that cats donít like. Since that time Iíve had
many, many cats, one or two at a time but my favorite all time cat was our last one, Shrubs.
My husband Dave and I rescued her as the runt of a full litter in our backyard. We found
homes for all the others and kept our little gem who had one yellow and one blue eye and
a sweet character. She passed on in 1999 just before the millennium and we lovingly
buried her in a special place on our property in Vermont. We sprinkled dried rose petals
onto her pure white fur before covering her over and now have a marker where we visit her
every time we pass by. Click
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