BARBARA LANG 1946-2013

Rest In Peace Barb - We all miss you!

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I love my 1999 Honda CRV. This is my third Honda. The first was a 1986 Civic that Dave bought for me second hand from a friend. In 1990 Dave surprised me with a new 1990 Civic for my birthday. Then, my dear sweetie Dave bought me this CRV as a birthday surprise in 1999. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned and it hauls a lot of stuff. On April 6, 2011 the odometer passed 350,000 KM!

This is a fantastic car (mini SUV?) I am not impressed by cars but this one is useful! I haul anything and everything in it. We can put our Zodiac inflatable boat on top and go boating in an instant. We can fill it with flats of flowers in the spring. We can travel and go to all the flea markets and garage sales we want and we can always make room for one more thing. It is reliable and it looks good too! It also gets great gas mileage because of it's light weight and small 1.5 litre engine.

Dave now drives a 2002 Mini Cooper S to match his 1969 Mini Cooper S, so you can guess who does all the dirty work. I donít mind. Sometimes he wants my car and gives me his but I donít want the responsibility of driving that perfect shiny red car Ė give me my green Honda CRV! I can drive that car anywhere, anytime and through any kind of weather and we get some pretty extreme weather here. Here is a typical photo.