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Dave and I have a 3 acre rural property in Vermont which we adore. That said, gardening in the Northeast is a leap of faith and a lot of work. I get out all my magazines, books and seed catalogs and dream about the garden I will have in a few months time, all the while gazing out on a pure white landscape of snow. All the garden ornaments are in the shed with their frozen expressions waiting patiently to be placed once again in their verdant niche to add whimsy to the flower beds. Making orders of seeds to grow a variety of herbs planted in pots just outside the kitchen on the deck, I can close my eyes and conjure up the smell of fresh picked herbs; basil for the pesto, dill & parsley for soups and shiso leaf for sushi. Packets of Cosmos and Zinnias and sunflowers add drama to my perennial garden. I have to hold back as I would order far too many packets.  Finally I can hear the frogs peeping in the nearby beaver ponds and know it is soon time to plant - The earth has melted and is warming up.

Early spring brings the greatest joy with the Crocus, Violets, Daffodils and finally Tulips arriving in profusion and amazing us every day with their colours and fragrance.


Then come the Rhododendrons, Bleeding Hearts, Azaleas, Iris, Peonies, and finally the Delphiniums and soaring Lilies & Alliums. And there are trays of annuals to be planted along the borders and so much weeding to do that you canít keep up.


I enjoy grilling food on the BBQ, marinated in fresh herbs. Add a chair, a good book, glass of sun tea to sit in our paradise here in Vermont and the world is perfect.  Click HERE to see our property and gardens.