BARBARA LANG 1946-2013

Rest In Peace Barb - We all miss you!

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A room of oneís own Ė isnít that everyoneís dream? Well, I got mine and itís perfect. Lovingly built by Dave who appreciates all the creative things I do and wanted me to have an inspiring place to dream up my projects and be happy. That I am! It has exactly the mood that I wanted. Rustic and full of all the things that I love. I can see all of my materials and it doesnít take long before Iím making stuff!

In 1998 Dave planned to build a post and beam shed from scratch. He wanted to use lap joints, dado joints and oak pegs for that old, hand-built pioneer look. He decided to do a "test" shed in our woods to hone his skills before embarking on his "showpiece" shed. His first 8' x 10' test shed came out great. He based it on a little storage shed we saw on vacation in Booth Bay Harbor. He did it up in nautical style complete with cedar shingle roof, weather vane, lots of buoys on the walls and even a lobster trap out front. There are even "mooring posts" out front. It holds our lawn mowers and garden tools. Here's a photo of Dave's shed.

Shortly thereafter, he laid a stone foundation for the larger 10' x 12' shed and built a platform and floor on top. This uncompleted project sat for 4 years while Dave tended to more important things. One day I thought it would be nice to have an outdoor "studio". I asked Dave if the new shed could be mine instead. After all he had his own already! He agreed and began building shortly thereafter. It took a year to complete because of the minute details. It was constructed from 1" thick rough cut lumber from our property and nearby woods. Posts, beams and roof are hemlock and the door is pine. The shiplap siding is eastern white pine, rough cut on the inside and planed smooth on the exterior.

Dave used the old casement windows from our home which he had replaced with better ones. He even put our old crank-open kitchen skylight in the roof! If you want to see some shots of my studio, click HERE 

If you want to see detailed construction pictures, click HERE. I LOVE my studio! Thanks Dave.